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Karlsruhe manifesto for "fair communication"

We have grown tired of being harassed by spam, lies and bullshit. It is annoying to have banners and commercials popping up in front of websites so you can’t see the page itself. We don’t want to throw away tons of commercial papers in our recycling bins anymore. We hate calls of lotteries and other raffles. We don’t want to talk to automatic calling machines. We are tired of being customers all the time and not the humans we actually are. We have the right to choose the information we want to get!
It is totally clear how we humans want to be talked to. Still very many companies do not communicate with us in the way we prefer it and even wish for. They are just not fair to us. To make it simple for them the “Karlsruher manifest for fair communication” was created as a guideline for “fair communication” in commercials, sales and public relations.

The “Karlsruher manifest for fair communication” includes the following points:
1.      I respect my opponent
2.      I am honest
3.      I talk and listen
4.      I am friendly, courteous, cooperative
5.      I am not annoying and don’t force anybody to do something
6.      I am not tricking anybody
7.      I am open for criticism and use the feedback
8.      I provide respondents with knowledge
9.      I respect the privacy of my opponent
10.    I don’t cross borders
11.    I take care of personal relationships
12.    I appreciate the person I am talking to
13.    I communicate honestly and transparent
14.    I communicate understandable and understanding
15.    I always take care of the benefits for both sides
16.    I keep my promises
17.    I build relationships that last long
18.    I admit my mistakes
19.    I take my time
20.    I show respect to the individual and the cultural differences
21.    I am responsible for my actions

These 21 sentences you just read are supposed to ensure a fair communication in e.g. sales, commercials, etc. They have been created when Mr. Röthlingshöfer was at the Merkur Internationale FH Karlsruhe. He was doing a guest lecture together with Dr. Michael Zerr with the IMA 6 students. This manifest was created, discussed and of course written down by:

Christina Brenner, Catharina Dehn, Denise Hammer, Julio Machado-Castre, Nina Metzner, Angelika Sauer, Meike Schreiner, Michael Schurer und Silke Spraul.

Thanks to all that were working on this issue. Critics, things to add, oppositions and of course corrections are welcome. By the way, the Merkur Internationale FH Karlsruhe is blogging here.

Translated by: Andreas Griesbach, IMA 2 Merkur Internationale FH Karlsruhe!



Einen Punkt sollte man vielleicht noch ergänzen: "I am aware of cultural and linguistic differences." Denn einige der Punkte im englischsprachigen "Manifest" (korrekt: "manifesto") waren auf Deutsch sicher nicht so gemeint, z.B. "I respect my opponent" = "Ich respektiere meinen Gegner" (wenn ich den in der Kommunikation schon als solchen empfinde, läuft wohl von Anfang an was schief). Oder "I take my time" = "Ich lasse mir Zeit" (nicht etwa "ich nehme mir Zeit").

Bernd Röthlingshöfer

Danke für die Übersetzungshinweise. Da gehen wir noch mal drüber!

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